9) Miscellaneous Teacher Tips That Make a Difference

Below are several short 1-2 minute videos I have prepared to offer tips for smoother induction into the teaching profession.
The First 7 Seconds: First Impressions Matter
“THE” Classroom Rule of Classroom Rules
Be Kind To People, Be Tough on Problems
Be A “Traveling” Teacher
The Teachers Lounge: No Poison Allowed
Any Scarecrows, Tin Men, or Cowardly Lions in Your Classroom?
Why Do We Have to Learn This?
Respond Professionally, Don’t React Personally
Reflect on Your Teaching Performance Daily
Pick and Choose the Professional Development Tools You Want to Incorporate

Suggested Reading:
Marzano, R. J. (2012). Becoming a reflective teacher. Bloomington, IN: Marzano Research Laboratory
DeBruyn, R.L. (2001). Your personal mentoring and planning guide for the first 60 days of teaching. Manhattan,KS: The Master Teacher, Inc.

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Assume you are managing this web page and you need to add THREE additional videos to this page. What topics would you address and why?

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