The “Start-of-School-Year” Checklist

Want to start the school year off successfully, or at least give yourself the best chance to do so? Prepare a Start-of-School-Year-Checklist. Make this an annual summertime activity to assure you are the best prepared teacher in your building. The Start-of-School-Year-Checklist includes items that the teacher actually needs to do and other items that require thought and reflection. Watch Video #1..

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How are you going to deal with discipline issues in your classroom? How will you assure an environment where every learner feels comfortable, respected, and welcomed? How will this plan mesh with the building or district discipline code. Watch Video #2

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Planning for transitions can save a lot of discipline problems as well as benefit students with extra learning time. Watch Video #3

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What is the teacher’s plan to ensure that he or she will establish an effective learning climate in which students feel safe, warm, welcome and encouraged to grow? Watch Video #4

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