7) Handling Student Discipline

Few teacher decisions are more difficult than those involving the discipline of individual students. These decisions often play a role in whether or not the teacher is viewed as effective by their peers and administration. Unfortunately, there is no “cookie cutter” response to all disciplinary scenarios which allows teachers to make the best choices each time. These difficulties make the start of year classroom checklist even that much more important. If the teacher’s philosophy, routines, expectations, and procedures are communicated, taught, and practiced, discipline becomes more manageable. Watch:

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Suggested Reading:
Hartman, S., Hensley, M.S., Lamke, S., & Powell, W., (2007). The Well Managed Classroom: Strategies to Create a Productive and Cooperative Social Climate in Your Learning Community. Boys Town Press. Boys Town, NE.
Charles, C.M. (2010). Building Classroom Discipline. 10th Edition. Prentice Hall

DISCUSSION: (Post Your Responses at the bottom of this page and submit as directed. Your responses will automatically be sent to me by e-mail. Your discussion board responses will not be posted on this page unless there is a message indicating such)

Respond to the following:
1) Without using teacher names/locations, describe a time you were witness to a discipline issue that you think was mishandled by the classroom teacher. What actions (or inaction) was taken that you would handle differently? Describe in detail how you might have handled the situation?

2) What are a 2-4 procedures/expectations you will negotiate with the class?

3) Describe a real or mock situation in which empathy might serve a role in building a positive teacher/student relationship.

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