A blog…35 years in the making

I can’t believe this is my 35th year in education.  I am certain there are former teachers, coaches, students, and athletes who will concur and ponder the thought of me lasting 35 years in the public school system.  Some might even use such evidence to support President-elect Trump’s claim that public education is a “disaster.”  (As an aside, despite my participation as long-time employee, public education is not a disaster, in fact, quite the opposite is true)  I must admit with laughter and a shrug that I am often amazed I lasted this long as well.  Which brings me to the point and purpose of this blog, if you’re interested, please read on.

While attending Midwest Christian College in Oklahoma City in 1978 I decided to become a youth minister.  I thought I had a fair understanding of the Bible and had a keen interest in affirming my own salvation and fulfilling the Great Commission to “go ye therefore…”  During the summer after my freshmen year of college I accepted a part time youth ministry internship at Collinsville Christian Church near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I related very well to junior high (the middle school movement hadn’t taken form yet) and high school youth but church ministry just didn’t seem like a good fit.  It was at that time I started thinking about what it might be like to be a coach.  In January of 1980 Linda and I left Midwest Christian College and headed to Pittsburg State University to begin a journey toward becoming a coach and teacher.

I am writing this blog to any of my former students and/or athletes who will read it, not as a historical memoir, but as fulfillment of my commitment to “minister”.  Here is a disclaimer: readers of this blog have likely seen “Coach Wire” at his best and worst.  You have certainly seen my greatest successes because, they are “you” and my greatest failures because coaching didn’t always reflect my very best character.  In format, I hope to share a teaching or coaching story and a reflection of sorts.  Readers should follow with any thoughts or comments, especially when offering a correction or clarification of the facts, etc.   Please have fun and enjoy the blog.  Please share your thoughts and comments along the way and feel free to share it with other Jets, Rangers, Bulldogs, Tigers, and Comets!

Next Blog entry: “Lefty, Jesus, and Bobby Knight”


2 thoughts on “A blog…35 years in the making

  1. I have to say I totally agree. Competition at its finest brings out the best and the worst in us. I can relate first hand. Glad you joined us all on fb and look forward to your stories.

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